Typical Training Program Candidates

Industrious Solutions training programs expand the knowledge base of staff at all levels and hence contribute to the overall performance and production of gas production facilities. Typical candidates include field production operators, contract operators, field production engineering support and more.

Orientation / Teambuilding Application

The programs are adapted and then utilized as presentations to provide an overview of gas compression, with the objective of increasing overall awareness within those who are in supporting roles.

Field Production Operators

The programs are dedicated to those who are responsible for the daily operation of gas compression facilities. Field Operations personnel background and qualifications vary widely. A clear understanding of how the compressor functions internally enables the operator to identify potential problems, prevent equipment damage, have better communications with maintenance providers and recognize opportunities that will maximize production and reduce operating costs.

Contract Operators

Contract operators are employed throughout the industry and provide a valuable service. Their backgrounds and qualifications vary widely as well. The inclusion of contract operators in training sessions helps to ensure that they understand how the compressor functions internally, can identify potential problems and therefore provide a higher level of service to the company. The inclusion of contract operators also sends a message that they are part of the team.

Field Maintenance

The programs enhance troubleshooting skills through the establishment of a clear understanding of the operational capabilities of the compressor. This knowledge will prevent the misapplication of compression equipment settings that unknowingly compromise the integrity of the equipment and reduce production levels.

Field Production Engineering Support

The programs instruct and inform as to what direction the field operations and maintenance personnel are receiving regarding system operation, troubleshooting and the methods employed to fully utilize the rotating equipment. The Field Production Engineering Support Group and Field Operations communicate with one another on a regular basis and a shared body of knowledge provides the foundation of good communications.

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