Building Core Competencies With On-Site Field Training

Industrious Solution’s gas compression training goes beyond the product-specific presentations typically offered by equipment suppliers. Our instructors pass on their knowledge and experience gained by working directly in the industry. Feedback from students confirms that the material meets the needs of the field through its practical application.

We promote operational ownership and help organizations prepare their personnel to take on new roles and responsibilities. A combination of technical and interpersonal relationship skills training increases the level of job satisfaction, enhances operational teamwork efficiencies and improves safety performance. This is a win-win for everyone.

A Brief Overview of our Gas Compression Training Programs

We provide a total package approach to understanding gas compression and troubleshooting of operational problems. Candidates for these programs include: field operators, maintenance personnel, instrumentation techs, production leads, as well as engineering support personnel. Those who attend our programs will have a better understanding of the compressor package operation and will be in a better position to optimize the performance of the equipment.