Technical Training Programs

Level 1: New To Gas Compression

The New to Gas Compression program is for personnel new to the industry and who are working around screw and reciprocating gas compression equipment. This program lays the foundation for the “on the job” training that will follow and promotes safety awareness. Understanding how the compression equipment was designed to operate and how the process works enables candidates to identify potential hazards. Compression equipment generates tremendous forces that need to be understood. Getting new employees off on the right foot is critical to establishing safe work practices and a successful transition into the industry.

Level 2: Series Field Training Programs

The Level 2 Series, one and two day programs, meet the needs of field operators, maintenance personnel, instrumentation technicians, production leads, & engineering support personnel who seek to improve their troubleshooting capabilities by gaining a clear understanding of how the compression package functions. These programs enable those with industry experience to be brought up-to-date with operational and maintenance issues, as well as to “refresh memories.” An additional benefit is that the training setting creates a learning environment in which personnel share their knowledge and gain an appreciation for what others bring to the table. Programs include:

  • Level 2: Natural Gas Engine & Reciprocating Gas Compressors
  • Level 2+: Natural Gas Engine & Screw / Reciprocating Compressors
  • Advanced Level 2: Natural Gas Engine & Screw / Reciprocating Compressors
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