What People Are Saying About Us

Comments recorded on individual feedback forms:

Production Foreman

"Good information…great for all operators…would help all operators." (25 years field operations experience)

Production Engineers

"The presentations were really well put together… presented well and with an enthusiasm that was contagious."

"This course provides a great overview of compression and I can see why it would be very useful for the field staff."

"Better understanding of troubleshooting. This will help me know which questions to ask when my operators are having trouble with a unit."

Field and Plant Operators

"Well presented and very informative." (8 years operating experience)

"The course explained the different processes occurring within the compressor unit and the likely causes." (3 months operating experience)

"Clear… easy to understand… great presentation… better understanding of the compressor… great for green operators that don’t have field experience." (12 years experience)

Instrumentation Techs

"Found the presentation easy to understand… straightforward… I now understand what is happening inside of the compressor." ("many" years experience)

"Very knowledgeable instructor… good visuals… from an E & I standpoint it helps to understand the importance of set points for pressures and temperatures." (11 years experience)

Plant Electrician

"As an electrician my compression experience is limited…this presentation will be very useful when troubleshooting." (10 years plant experience)

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